Visual Detox for Effective Communication

An Unsolicited Redesign of Roadtrippers App

Step 1: Empathize with User

Step 2: Evaluate Current Designs

Step 3: Ideate & Iterate

Pain Point 1: Category Confusion

Reviewing the content & UI presented to the user will be more effective than just reducing the number of icons to avoid visual clutter.

How might we streamline the process of choosing categories while avoiding excessive visual clutter.

Pain Point 2: Action affirmation

The app needs to give timely reaffirmation for actions completed in order to boost user’s confidence to move forward.

How might we reassure user of action success or failure to avoid confusion & repetition

Pain Point 3: Action Comprehension

Users need more guidance on what each feature is for and what it does.

How might we guide a new user through the interaction flow in order to help them get familiar with the app while not increasing cognitive load

Step 4: Validate Solutions

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