Designing a digital Travelogue

Do stuff helps user capture and organize meaningful experiences around the city, worth recollecting, repeating and recommending to friends and family.

This is ongoing project. Will update the MVP mockups soon!

This project was a great opportunity for me to practice & showcase my UX knowledge and develop a product idea from conception to wireframes. The experience was challenging yet incredibly fulfilling. This case study describes DoStuff’s UX process of discovery, design and rapid prototyping.

After defining target user and product goals, it was time to research existing websites/apps/tools that solve the problem similar to ours. Some of the most popular tools for saving and/or retrieving places are memory, note-taking apps, picture apps, browser bookmarks and Google maps bookmarks.Looking at these current alternatives in the market, helped position DoStuff within the landscape and also identify the right use cases to define its key differentiating features. The objective is to design DoStuff as a minimal viable digital travelogue, to record, revisit and recommend thoughts, places & experiences, in & around the city.

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