- Defining Brand Voice and Tone

Translating Language as Interface

Explored the role of voice and tone in shaping the user experience of the chosen brand, to bring comfort, ease, and a sense of connection with the users

The process involved the following 3 simple steps :

  • Identified a brand personality
  • Defined a brand voice
  • Translated new brand vocabulary into user interface.

This strategy aimed to to fill in the blanks for better content and improve the overall user experience.


  • Content Strategist
  • User Experience Writer
  • User Experience Designer

Skills & Tools

  • Sketch for Wireframing & Screen Design

What's unique about is a new e-commerce site that aims to save its consumers, more money as they shop. When first launched, it had a fee-based membership model, but then dropped the idea a few months later. Now anyone can shop with no added fees. Each item on has a 'starting price'. Watching the prices fall in your cart when you fill it up actually makes for a 'fun shopping experience'. Jet also offers 2-day shipping on everyday essentials & free 2-5 day shipping on orders over $35.

Humanizing the Brand

I first began with personifying the Brand as a 'personal shopper'. This made all design decisions easier as it helped me through each stage of the project to ask;

"Would Jet, the persoanl shopper, say this or do that?"

Proposing Vision & Core Values

Proposing values and justifying why, helped me draw a line in the sand and guided all product and design decisions for the brand in a clear and measurable way. This would in the future also help measure the effect of design decisions as it demonstrates the value of design in changing user's behaviors and driving the ROI (return on investment) for the business.

Defining Voice & Tone

Defining Jet's voice as 'this is what we are as a product and not this' helped drive the different stages of user’s experience with the product. The created a template (image:below) for to give a direction to the 'brand vocabulary', that ultimately transformed the brand's voice from 'robot' to 'human'.

Translating Voice & Tone to Content

In any medium, language is contextual. The goals was to communicate clearly and improve the relationship with the user, always keeping it moving forward constantly. I used the new vocabulary framework to improve contant for 3 key scenarios :

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