Made in India . . . Refined in Austin

I am an self-motivated designer, creating spatial and digital experiences for brands, products & services, that resonate emotionally with people. I have previously worked at design consultancies where I have been part of projects that brought brands to life within engaging environments and rendered memorable and meaningful experiences. Designing for interactive spaces inspired me to translate from physical to digital mediums. Diversity is a common theme in the UX world and having lived in different parts of the world helps me bring in empathy to understand and problem-solve for users across different cultures. My ability to be versatile and thrive on change helps me deal with new challenges every day to bring in forward-thinking and innovation in my work.

As UX design graduate from the Austin Community College, I am constantly searching for opportunities to build useful brands and experiences. Being able to 'collaborate with cross-functional teams to create a wide range of user experiences across web, mobile, and desktop applications' is exactly what I’m looking for in my first position.

My Design Process

My UX design process is influenced and inspired from my previous experience of being a spatial designer. The unifying similarity in both fields is that regardless of the end product, understanding user is utmost important. I always like to start with;

Who is the user? | Why does the user care if the product exists? | What problem is the product trying to resolve?

My one constant between each of these pahses is to ask the right questions before moving on to the next stage. This helps me frame my approach to the problem and guides me towards the appropriate UX strategy and tools as each project is unique.

Key Strengths

  • Prior industry experience in working with brand driven design agencies for 2+ years in the capacity of an environment and visual experience designer.
  • I’m organized & detail oriented which helps me be efficient and effective while working on 4 or more different projects simultaneously, within multidisciplinary teams under different project managers. I have also enjoyed juggling multiple projects with different clients and this has taught me to self-manage & prioritize deliverables, stay on track throughout the project to meet strict deadlines even under stress.
  • My cultural, educational and professional background is something more of a opportunity than a threat to as diversity is a common theme in the UX industry. Having lived in different parts of the world also helps me bring in empathy to understand and problem-solve for users across different cultures.

Methods & Tools

  • User Research
    Contextual Enquiries | Affinity Mapping | Developing User Stories | Journey Mapping
  • Task Flows, Wireframing & Visual Design
    Sketch | Illustrator | Photoshop | InDesign
  • Prototyping & Usability Testing
    Sketch | Craft | Invision | UXPin
  • Coding
    HTML | CSS
  • 2D/3D Visualization
    Google SketchUp | AutoCAD | VRay

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