Spotlight - Revamping Netflix's Desktop Experience

Exploring A New Stylescape

Designed a new style scape for Netflix that reflected the brand as well as createed a new novel experience touchpoint for users with 2 viewing modes for day and night. This not only connected the user's with the brand but also it's content.


  • Visual Designer
  • User Interface Designer

Skills & Tools

  • Sketching for Brainstorm and Ideation
  • Adobe Illustrator for Icons & UI Elements
  • Sketch for Screen Design

What's in Spotlight?

Netflix is the world’s leading streaming media service, serving over 83 million users in more than 190 countries worldwide. One of the original innovators of streaming content, they’ve grown exponentially in the last five years. With an expanding slate of original series, high-profile acquisitions and an exploding user base, I wanted the 'Netflix Spotlight' to provide an opportunity to highlight the new cohesive visual system evolved from the brand itself, that could grow along with the existing identity system.

Inspired by the letter 'N'> of the logo itself, I used it as a visual metaphor. This not only created an opportunity to highlight a new visual cohesive system for a global brand that is unique & identifiable but also improved the experience of watching movies with a separate day & night mode called 'Spotlight' with 'cooler' colors in all sense.

UI Elements & Styling

Type & Icons

Design for Individual Screens


Player & Options



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